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Vidtrics is a videoplatform that creates and helps you create interactive video’s and gives you the possibility to measure the performance of your interactive video’s.

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Interactive video helps you to reach your target audience!

We at Vidtrics love to create interactive video’s! Whetjer this is a 3 minute video or a 20 minute movie. We use our magic to turn your static movie into a interactive movie that speaks to the imagination of your clients. A movie that has the power to reach your target group wherever they are.

@Felicia I love Vidtrics! I use interactive movies for my webshop! I am using interactive videos to interact with my audience. It’s a great way to make sure that my visitors on my webshop stay tuned and it has dramatically increased the conversion on my webshop!

Viewers become buyers!

With the use of interactive video you make sure that your viewers will become buyers. Use banners in your video to increase the conversion rate of your video. Interactive video is the perfect tool for in-video sales. Also on external websites, the interactive element is still visabele for your audience. The calls-to actions can are still visable on your Vidtrics player, even when your video is watched by the viewers on different websites or social media. When you’re video’s are being shared by viewers, you automatically generate traffic to your website.

@Nicole The interactive videos created by Vidtrics are really helping me to interact with our target group. Video is upcoming and we want to be ready!

Monetize your videos

With the Vidtrics software it’s possible to place banners and affiliate links into your video’s. Publishers, newspapers and other media giants can now easily integrate ads and portals to webshops in order to generate more revenue. Generate more trafiic to affiliate webhops and in order to generate revenue from video content.

@Daniel Vidtrics is transforming all our video content into interactive video. We as a news publisher are now able to measure the sentiment among our viewers about certain actual newstopics. We give the viewer the possibilty to be part of the news, and we enable them to talk back! Vidtrics has showed us the new way of making interactive news by using video. They call it News 3.0. We are ready for the future!

Analyse the performance of your video's

With Vidtrics we can now analyse the performance of your online videos. The value of a video can be measured by analytics and metrics.

With Vidtrics we can now analyse the performance of your online videos. The value of a video can be measured by analytics and metrics.

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